The Birth of the World’s Saviour, Jesus Christ

The Birth of the Messiah

The 4 gospels are not just 4 different people’s accounts of Jesus’ life.  They each portray Jesus in a different light.  Matthew as a King, Mark as a Servant, Luke as a Man and John as the Son of God.  Mark and John have nothing on his birth, but begin when he was 30 yrs. old. The Birth of Jesus Christ chronologically begins in Luke:

Luke 1:26-39  The Prophecy of Gabriel

26 Mary’s cousin Elisabeth 6 months pregnant with John the Baptist

27 Espoused—(Betrothed) contractually obligated Usually 10-12 months

28 The Angel came in to her physically, eiserchomai, not in a vision or a dream.  Highly Favored—because of her obedience to God

29 Troubled & began to reason—When an angel appears, he doesn’t have a sign on his forehead saying, “Gabriel, the Angel of the Lord.”  And he doesn’t have wings to give him away.  Ha!

29  He didn’t tell her who he was—he appeared as any other man. (See Judges 6:17-22  Gideon)

30 Fear Not—favor or graciousness with God  2nd time he said it

31 3 things—conceive in womb, have a son and call his name Jesus.

32  “     “      He shall be Great(Megas), called the Son of the Highest, The throne of David

33 reign forever and no end to his kingdom

34 How?  I’ve never had sex.

35–39 She went to see her cousin to confirm everything she had been told,

Matthew 1:18-25  The Conception

18 Now, the birth of Jesus Christ was like this:  His mother was espoused to Joseph: legally committed to marry.

Before they had intercourse or consummated the marriage

she was found with child( at this point in time Mary must have told Joseph.)

19 Then, Joseph, when he found out was minded to put her away

Secretly or Divorce her;  See De. 22:23

20 Then an Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream

21 He shall save all people from their sins

22 Fulfilled Is. 7:14,15

23 Joseph took Mary to be his wife

24 But knew her not until after Jesus was born  (Knew, had intercourse)

See Mt. 13:55 for his brothers and sisters

Then, we jump to Luke 2:1-17  In vs.12, 16 we have a babe, brephos, a newborn, that the shepherds found.  Doesn’t say how many there were.

Now, back to Matthew 2:1-16  Now  The Appearance of the Magi  

( about 15 months or so after Jesus’ birth)

1 Wise men—Magos—-Oriental scientists thought to be from Persia

2 Where is he born King of the Jews?

See Is. 11:10;    Dan. 2:48;    1:19,20

No one else in all Israel was looking for him.  The last prophet before this was Malachi in 374 B.C.   400 years earlier.  Daniel’s last record was 50 years earlier in 424 B.C.

The Magi had been waiting to see His star about 500 years.

7—Herod enquired of them diligently when the star first appeared

Vs. 8  young child—paidion, an infant around 15 months old, no longer a brephos.

11 They came into a house, oikia not a manger, phatne and worshipped him

12 They went home another way

13 Angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, again

14 Went to Egypt the next morning.

15 + 16 Herod killed all male children 2 yrs. and younger, approximating Jesus’ age from the time the wise men started their journey.

I hope you spend the rest of your Christ-mas holy day truly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Make him the Lord of your life acc. to Romans 10:9 and search out those less fortunate than you are and help them in their time of need.

See Luke 4:18—–Preach the gospel to the poor, Heal the brokenhearted

Preach deliverance to the captives, restore the sight of the blind, set at liberty them that are bruised.

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