A Problem with Islam?

In spite of the fact that most believers believe, that the righteous dead are in Heaven and the unrighteous in Hell, no one person has ever lived and died is in Heaven but Jesus Christ.  This error in Doctrine is most unfortunately not only confined to Islam. Practically every religion believes in life somewhere immediately after death. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When we die our bodies, if we are not cremated, corrupt in the ground; they rot away. You know, dust thou art, unto dust thou shalt return, right? It takes a while to turn to dust; it doesn’t happen overnight. I spent a lot of time on the subject of sleeping (death) in my book which you can get on the site, so I am not going into it here.

The point of this blog today is to highlight a problem with Islam. In “The Messengers of Islam” by Ashraf Hassan Abdul-Aziz on page 212-214, we have an account of Muhammed being escorted by the angel Gabriel to each of the 7 heavens; yes 7. In each heaven his “Prophethood” was confirmed by whoever was there. In the first heaven he was greeted by Adam. Here Mo was allowed by Allah to the “souls” of martyrs on his right and those of the wretched on his left.

In the second heaven he met John the baptist and Jesus, the son of Mary. In the 3rd he met Yusuf, the 4th Idris, the 5th Aaron, the 6th Moses, and the 7th Abraham . Then he was taken to God Almighty, like 10′ away from Him or so. This, I suppose is to confirm to all his followers that he really must be a prophet. The Problem is, that all these people are dead and in the grave. Do you see how important the truth is? Without the truth it is more difficult to expose a counterfeit.

The author goes on on page 215 to show “proof” of where in the Bible scripture passages are referring to Muhammed, like De 18:17-18 where YHWH (LORD with all caps) said to Moses that he would raise up a prophet, like Moses; John 16:12-13 (the word “he” should be translated “it,”) where it mentions the spirit of truth. The spirit of truth is not a he. Muslims believe this is referring to Muhammed.

Again, whenever error is practiced, exposing a counterfeit, in this case a false prophet, is not as cut and dry. BUT, when the Dead are dead and the spirit of truth is the gift of holy spirit, there is no problem exposing someone for what they really are. The truth really will set us free, when we know it.

God bless,

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