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The Internet and God

I don’t know how anyone has ever been successful at anything until the Internet came along; not really. How did we accomplish anything without it? For one, I think we believed God a lot more than we do now. All the different ways of marketing on the Internet can be mind boggling and defeating. All the things you supposedly have to do to be successful is overwhelming.

Prayer is still the number one ingredient to success. When I started my first Roofing Company in Whitestone, NY, I din’t have a cell phone or a computer. I came up with a catchy name, Cry Wolfe Roofing and my wife answered the phone when anyone called my number. I returned calls every evening, made appointments when it was convenient and followed through. I built a business based on quality, responsiveness and kindness. I thanked God for every job and I sowed the seed He blessed me with into ministries that promoted His Word.

The second biggest key to success, abundant sharing. Most people go by the word tithing which implies giving 10% of your income to a charity. No matter what you call it, it is a biblical principle that most successful people apply. Giving of your time and money to others is a great principle for success.

People are constantly building their own towers of Babel. The Internet is one such tower. If God’s not in it then it’s all about you. Do you want to be a “self-made man” or Spirit-made?


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